Why Is A Pre-Listing Home Valuation So Important?

Why is it that real estate experts on all sides of the process regard a professional home valuation as a vital tool in the buying or selling process? Accuracy should be very important to a home seller. Here’s why listing your house for too little—or too much—could cost you!

The Golden Question: What Is My Home Worth?

There are thousands of dollars that may be gained by knowing the appraised value of a home before listing. It’s a real estate insider’s secret that if your home sold in a day or two there is a high likelihood that it was under priced. Alternatively, if it sits on the market for too long it’s likely overpriced. Believe it or not, overpriced houses often sell under value as well! When a home sits on the market a long time there is a high-likelihood it will sell for less than it would if listed at the proper price in the first place. The old saying “you can always come down in price” may be technically true, but if you do you will probably be leaving money on the table.

AppraisalDIY provides an impartial third-party opinion when valuing a home.

When listing a property Realtors have come to realize that a professional valuation may be the difference between selling a home or losing the listing. Homeowners have to sift through a wide range of value opinions submitted by each Realtor that is interviewed. Unrealistic homeowner value expectations may put pressure on the agent to list a home at a price they know to be higher than the market will accept.

In many instances, the realtor that is hired to sell your home is a friend or family member. AppraisalDIY is a non-biased authority utilized to ensure your home is priced appropriately. Think of it as Valuation Insurance. Your AppraisalDIY Report can safeguard you against pricing errors and disagreements, helping you maintain a positive professional and personal relationship.

Our independent appraisers are required to use professional standards and common sense guidelines that have been put in place to protect the end user of our valuations. Our appraisers are local to each assignment and nearly 100% of them do full-fee bank assignments in addition to AppraisalDIY work.

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