Easy Estate Valuation for Estate Settlement And Planning

During those unfortunate times when a loved one passes and an estate must be settled, AppraisalDIY is here to make the process just a little easier for you and a lot less expensive.
A professional home evaluation may be a very important piece of the estate settlement process. Knowing the homes current as-is value may help in determining how the estate is split amongst the heirs or a fair market value if one of the heirs would like to purchase the home themselves. We also offer retrospective valuation services or “date of death”. This type of valuation may be needed to ascertain the value of the home at the time of the owner’s passing. AppraisalDIY is the most comprehensive online valuation, at half the price of a traditional estate appraisal. You take the photos of the home and answer all the pertinent questions about the property. The local certified appraiser that you choose then completes your remote home valuation and sends it back. It’s that easy!
Not sure whether you need a valuation or appraisal for estate purposes? Contact us now for a free consultation! Are you located in a different city, or don’t have the time or access to the home to supply us with current pictures and/or information about the house in question? Connect with a Local Certified Appraiser at Appraisalsave.com for an interior/exterior inspection and traditional real estate appraisal, again, at a cost of about half of what other appraisal companies will try to charge you. Visit www.AppraisalSave.com for more information.

Before ordering your AppraisalDIY report, you will have access to a complete profile for each of our certified appraisers such as:

  • Each appraiser’s proximity, in miles, to property to be appraised
  • Each appraiser’s average completion time per assignment
  • Each appraiser’s years of experience
  • Each appraiser’s state license type
Is there an appraiser you were referred to or are familiar with? Don’t worry—you may specifically select that appraiser by their given or company name. Estate Settling and Planning appraisals are one of our most popular assignment requests. We have the appraisers ready to help when you need us. Get started by clicking the button below to order your appraisal online.