The decision to dissolve a marriage is a difficult one and in many instances, the financial settlement can be the most challenging aspect. If you are lucky enough to be going through the process amicably than AppraisalDIY may save you a large chunk of money, time and stress!

Doesn’t matter if you’re going it alone or perhaps you’ve hired a mediator to serve as referee to keep things moving forward and in a fair manner. Don’t you think it would be greatly beneficial to both sides to get a professional valuation on what is likely your most valuable asset?

It would be recommended that both parties be present during the ordering process; appraiser selection, photograph taking and home description portion. Transparency is a key feature in choosing AppraisalDIY, if both parties are involved during the entire ordering process than there should be no discrepancies with what data is offered to your appraiser for analysis.

Would you rather have a comprehensive 10+ page evaluation performed by a professional, local appraiser based on your up to date information and current pictures or a 1-3 page CMA (comparative market analysis) or BPO (broker price opinion) performed by a Realtor? A Realtor who will likely spend about 10% of the time researching their findings than your AppraisalDIY appraiser did? It’s like taking a knife to a gunfight!

Our licensed professional appraisers have an average of over 12-years of appraising experience. Part of our registration process allows individual appraisers to expand on certain areas of expertise in which they excel.

Before ordering your AppraisalDIY report you will have access to individual appraiser information, such as:

  • Each appraiser’s years of experience
  • State license type
  • Average completion time per assignment
  • Each appraiser’s proximity, in miles, to property to be appraised.

Order with confidence knowing beforehand the appraiser you select has the necessary experience and credentials to perform this important task fairly and unbiased.

So your divorce isn’t quite as amicable as you’d like it to be?

Check out our flagship AppraisalSave.com for a traditional appraisal report completed by the same certified appraisers. AppraisalSave reports are commonly submitted in divorce court proceedings with very solid results (per feedback from attorneys and clients). AppraisalSave appraisers may also be hired to give expert testimony in defense of their findings. AppraisalSave appraisals begin at $250 (nearly 50% the cost of ordering direct).

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