Appraiser FAQ

How does AppraisalDIY work? Read our FAQ.

AppraisalDIY is a not for lending (ever) valuation platform where the homeowner takes pictures, provides commentary in regard to Interior/Exterior features, site, and amenities of the home, That data is then submitted into our website where you, the appraiser, can review and perform a desktop valuation remotely. No drive-by, no processing fee’s, no interior or exterior inspections, no driving comps or neighborhood for pictures, no 1004MC, no UAD compliance, and no list of stips after completion! You will never be asked to leave your office!

The most common uses for this product are pre-listing valuation, estate settling, (amicable) divorce situations (you will not be called to testify!), and cash or pre-finance/Mortgage valuations. Homeowners have a growing concern with what this crisis might be doing to the value of their home. And now more than ever are looking for safe, affordable, and alternative solutions to finding out this information. With AppraisalDIY we can now safely give them this information before they decide to move forward with whatever purpose they have in mind.

Appraiser fee for this desktop 1004P valuation report is $120 with payment being made directly to you by the homeowner through your choice of Paypal, Cash App, or Venmo. Payment to you in full must be made before the homeowner is allowed to view their report. If this is something that you may find attractive we would very much like to speak with you or you can simply visit our website at and sign up for free.

Mostly curious homeowners order AppraisalDIY’s, however, we do have our fair share of Realtors and attorney’s that use the service.
The short answer to that question is no, it is not a USPAP compliant appraisal report. The longer answer is that it is a market supported desktop home valuation performed by licensed appraisers with significant assistance supplied by the homeowner and/or client themselves.
No, the entire job is performed remotely. Work in your Jammies if you want!
When signing up you must select forms of payment that you will accept (Paypal, Venmo, Square Cash, Checks, Credit Cards). The client will be given your specific payment requirements. The appraiser must then mark the invoice as paid before the report may be uploaded and delivered.
The homeowner/client will have the opportunity to upload many pictures that will be available for your review. In addition to the photos there is ample sections for commentary and descriptions of recent improvements, additions, deficiencies, etc… Obviously each client is different so ultimately it is up to them how detailed they want to be.
There are no turn-time requirements, however, your turn-times are tracked with each assignment and available to clients prior to selecting their appraiser. The faster and more detailed you are the more work you will get.
Yes. Any client can hire appraisers directly through our system by sir name or business name. Do a thorough job and you will get repeat and referral business!

The most popular are: Pre-Buying/Selling, Cash deals, Estate Settlement, Subject To (prior to addition, remodel, or improvement of home), some (amicable) Divorce Mediation work, and just plain curious Cathy’s wanting to know if Zillow is accurate.

We limit the max distance to 60 miles but you may select more than 1 state if that radius and your license and expertise crosses state lines. We want our appraisers to be geographically knowledgeable.
We don’t require them, this is your show. With that said, see FAQ #6. If there are Active or Pending Sales that add support to your valuation why not use a couple? Shortcuts and doing the minimum will not endear you to your client nor us.
Again…this is your show, we do not babysit nor require constant updates. The only time we step in is if there’s a problem. If you do a good job and manage client expectations properly then communication between all party’s is very limited.
Yes, we only allow licensed appraisers that are in good standing with their respective states available for clients to hire.