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Residential Real Estate Appraisers: Jobs Are Waiting

Have you been looking to supplement your income with desktop, hybrid valuation work?  Still not sure that you want the potential exposure to liability that traditional hybrid appraisals give?

Like it or not hybrid valuations are here to stay. AppraisalDIY is the next evolution of this new home valuation trend.  AppraisalDIY partners you directly with the homeowner to do never for lending, private use desktop valuations. Since these are “private use only” evaluations appraiser liability concerns are dramatically decreased.

None Of The Difficulties Of Typical Home Appraisal Jobs

I’m sure you’ve run across it time and time and again: a homeowner dissatisfied with what their last appraiser did or did not do. It may be the features they missed in the home, that they barely spoke a word, or how quick the inspection was. AppraisalDIY takes homeowner doubts out of the equation. The homeowner chooses the appraiser, take all the pictures, and writes as detailed a description of their home as they wish. All of this data is is then shared with the appraiser online through our secure portal.

AppraisalDIY valuations are utilized for non-lending, informational purposes only. You can expect:

Finish the report, send it, and you’re done, PERIOD. Sign up for your free account now to see what jobs are available in your area!

How Does It Work?

AppraisalDIY has created a unique one-of-a-kind platform which allows the homeowner to select a certified residential appraiser by

  • Proximity to subject property
  • Average turnaround time
  • Appraiser’s years of experience
  • Appraiser License type

AppraisalDIY is run by appraisers so we’ve made the sign-up process extremely appraiser friendly!

  1. Enter your appraisal business information.
  2. Choose the distance you wish to be available for assignments. (60 mile maximum)
  3. Select your preferred methods of payment. (Paypal, square cash, Venmo, checks, credit cards, all)

Once your credentials have been verified and you have been added to the network, you are ready to accept assignments! You control report delivery, and must be paid in full by the client before the client has access to the report.

Finish the report, send it, and you’re done, PERIOD. Sign up for your free account now to see what jobs are available in your area!

AppraisalDIY has NO portal fees or hidden charges.

Appraiser are paid:

Single Family desktop appraisal – $120


Rush Fee – $30 (Appraiser receives $30 rush fee after delivery guarantee is met)              

(guaranteed delivery 72 hours after client uploads photographs and commentary or report is discounted $100). Don’t worry, appraiser is paid their base amount regardless of delivery expectations. Failure to comply with agreed upon Rush delivery will result in removal from future Rush delivery assignments.

There’s no commitment or up front fees, so what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free account now.