The Most Accurate Online Home Valuation

AppraisalDIY allows you to partner with a licensed local appraiser to get the most accurate online home valuation on the market, at less than half the cost of an average home valuation.

What Makes Our Online Home Valuation Your Best Choice?

Traditional online home valuation sites rely on automated formulas to get you in the ballpark of your home value. How does a computer-generated algorithm know what current condition your home is in? AppraisalDIY pairs you with a local licensed appraiser. Using information and photos that you provide, your licensed appraiser will be able to determine the best comparable sales in your area.

With these comparable sales, along with an in-depth market analysis, your appraiser will be able to pinpoint the most accurate online valuation of your home.

Why does it matter?

When it comes to buying or selling a home, getting an accurate valuation before listing or buying a home may save you thousands of dollars. For only $150 you can connect with a local, licensed, and trusted appraiser of your choosing to get the most accurate online home valuation available.
  • No uncomfortable inspections.
  • No inconvenient appointment times.
  • No embarrassing explanations as to why your home looks lived in!



Follow our simple guide to take all the pictures of your home.



Tell us all about your home—materials used, recent upgrades, basement finishes, outbuildings, what makes it beautiful, what makes it unique… Don’t forget the leaks and cracks!



Easily upload everything into your free account.

The easiest online experience I’ve ever had. It’s a completely new way to find the value of your home. Can’t believe how this worked.


What does a report look like?

Want to look at a sample report to see what you can expect? We’ve put together a sample report that will show you how your custom home valuation will be delivered. View the report now.

Your comprehensive home valuation will include:

  • Your home value
  • Comparable pictures
  • Market conditions analysis
  • Neighborhood characteristics
  • Sales history
  • Site Details
  • Location Map
  • Commentary explaining the findings

Remember—although your comprehensive home valuation is prepared by a licensed, local, non-biased appraiser, it is not a substitute for a traditional valuation.

Your home valuation CAN help you:

  • Prepare for difficult buyers
  • Work confidently with your Real Estate agent
  • List your home at the right price
  • Decide if it’s a good time to refinance your mortgage
  • Understand and address your home’s liabilities before an official valuation
  • Get a second opinion on a low valuation
  • Aid in divorce mediations and division of assets
  • Settle an estate
  • Find out whether a proposed improvement is worth the investment